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Windshield Winter Tip

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

The recent drop in temperatures could cause your car windshield to crack. Glass expands and contracts due to temperature so it is important to avoid sudden temperature changes.

Never use boiling water to defrost. Instead, turn on the defroster and let it warm up slowly.

However, be careful not to set the defroster too high.

Let the windshield warm up gradually so the glass isn’t shocked by cold temperatures outside and warm temperatures inside, which can also lead to cracking. According to, “No matter how durable a windshield is, it is still glass. Just as an ice-cold drinking glass may crack if exposed to hot water, or another heat source, a windshield can crack due to defroster’s heat, and this is most likely to occur if the windshield already has cracks.

These reasons are why windshield repair is very important before or during freezing weather.”

If a rock chips your windshield, be sure to get it repaired. Sudden temperature changes can cause small chips to start to crack which can lead to your entire windshield cracking, causing you to replace the entire thing. Be proactive and get rock chips repaired as quickly as possible.

Sometimes a car owner will drive around with tiny chips or cracks in their windshields for years without noticing them. A problem often occurs when a tiny amount of moisture seeps into chipped glass. When the temperature drops, this moisture freezes & expands and turns the chip into a small crack. When the car’s interior windshield begins to grow warm from the car’s heater, freezing temperatures on the outside can cause the crack to spread rapidly.

A car owner may also cause chips and cracks in their windshield to worsen by doing the following things:

  • Defrosting their car’s glass with hot water.
  • Chopping or stabbing with an ice scraper while removing stubborn icy patches

Replacing a car’s windshield can be an expense that you may not budget for. If policy owners have comprehensive coverage, most insurance companies will waive the deductible.

So please be careful driving in this cold weather!

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