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All ABOUT GUTTERS: Five Inches or Six Inches

Understanding the pros and cons of gutter styles

When it comes to your home, you always want to make the most informed decisions, no matter whether you’re dealing with the interior or the exterior. As Grand Rapids’ downspout and gutter installation experts, we can help you understand the differences between the most common seamless gutter sizes – five-inch and six-inch rain gutters – and which is right for your home. 

Here in Grand Rapids, the downspout that is most common is the five-inch k-style. This is the gutter size and style that has been around for decades, but is it still the best option? As the go-to gutter installation pros in Grand Rapids, we have to admit that the five-inch gutter system is often not sufficient for many homes today. Smaller rain gutters might not be a huge issue in regions that don’t get large amounts of moisture, but here in Grand Rapids, we usually get entirely too much moisture—insufficient gutters might struggle to keep up.

Six-Inch Gutters: Go Big or Go Home

When we’re talking about rain gutter installation in Grand Rapids, bigger is always going to be better. Our six-inch seamless gutters are not only bigger, they’re thicker and stronger than the run-of-the-mill five-inch residential house gutters. Additionally, they can deal with up to 50% more water. What’s more, six-inch gutters come with larger downspouts that dispense water up to four times more rapidly than traditional downspouts. Grand Rapids homeowners have found the benefits of larger gutters are obvious:

  • Handles up to 50% More Water
  • Includes 3”X 4” Downspouts
  • Offers a Variety of Color Options
  • Rapidly Discharges Water

Common Signs Your Gutters Might Need Replaced: 

  • Leaky Miters or Malfunctioning End Caps
  • Apparent Gutter Cracking or Splitting
  • Peeling or Chipping Paint
  • Pooled Water or Mildew at Foundation
  • Water Damage Detected Under Gutters
  • Gutters that Sag or Pull Away from Home

The Results Are In! 

No matter the size of your home, six-inch gutters are always going to do a better job of protecting it from the elements. Talk to the experts at Energy Plus Home Improvements today to learn more about gutter installation in Grand Rapids and everything else we offer. We’d love to give you a free estimate and learn more about your specific needs. Reach out to our seamless gutter experts today!     

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