• 5 Signs That You Should Invest in Gutter Guards

    Mar 16

    Lansing, Michigan, experiences 33.3 inches of rain and snow yearly. But, of course, this area experiences even more during some years.  As a result, your home needs gutters. Without them, the rain might land in the wrong areas.  However, gutters only work well when they're clean. If you'...

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  • The Importance of an Annual Roof Inspection

    Mar 8

    A house's roof is estimated to last as long as 50 years depending on the materials. Roofs on the lower end of the price spectrum should last at least 20 years. However, various factors can reduce its lifespan and lead you to a necessary roof replacement.  One of the best ...

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  • How Solar Outdoor Lights Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Bills

    Mar 1

    The cost of solar energy has been decreasing over recent years, and over 3% of U.S. energy originates from it. The cost of panels has also gone down by nearly 70%. It's great for the environment and can help cut home utility bills.  One way you can implement solar ...

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  • How Attic Insulation Can Reduce Your Energy Consumption

    Jan 13

    Is your utility bill too high? U.S. households average over $2,000 per year in energy costs. These costs also spike with inflation. HVAC systems are typically the energy pie's most significant slice. Around 50-60% of energy usage is heating and cooling costs. Attic insulation is one of ...

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  • How Often Should You Inspect Your Attic Insulation?

    Jan 6

    Did you know ninety percent of homes in the United States are poorly insulated? As a homeowner, it's important that you prioritize your home's insulation, specifically in the attic. If you are unaware of the condition of your attic insulation, it may be time for a replacement. ...

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