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Sub Floor into Pretty Floor

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Do you have nasty, stained, smelly carpet? But don’t have the means for nice new carpet or hardwood. Have you thought about giving your sub floor a makeover? It will take work but the end result will be worth it. An article I read from Lovely etc, gives you a nice tutorial on what you can do on a budget to turn those ewww floors to oooooo floors. I was pretty impressed, I fortunately love what I have in my home currently but what she did had me absolutely amazed and mind blown. When I think of a sub floor I imagine just plain ply-board that isn’t really attractive, I am in the home improvement and building field so I just see those floors all scuffed up and begging to be covered up with carpet,tile or wood flooring. I have to say though the time and effort involved is well worth it though I mean really well worth it. Below are some examples of a painted sub floor.

So if you have the time and not the budget try this different floor idea! Check out the link I read below

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