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Siding, The best type for you

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Siding the best type for you.


Aluminum siding is weather and corrosion resistant.

It doesn’t rot, rust or otherwise break after usual weather patterns.

It can be repainted and mimic wood.

It does dent easily though and costs more to purchase and install.


Vinyl is remarkably strong.

Unlike metal or aluminum, it won’t conduct electricity or dent.

It won’t wear down in the humidity.

It’s also one of the cheapest materials around.

Installation is quick and easy, which also helps to reduce the overall price of the product.

It can cause moisture and decay problems when improperly applied over wood.

It’s durable but not impenetrable.

If there are high winds, it’ll come off.

Entire panels will need to be replaced. It can leak.


Natural siding, such as wood, liquid, brick, and stone, varies widely in price according to your choice.

They take more maintenance and will cost more but last the longest if painted and taken care of correctly.

An advantage of wood is the choices when it comes to the exterior appearance.

It’s easy to create a great-looking exterior for your home.

Liquid doesn’t require nails and hangers, and it means no hassle with damaged siding.

Stone and brick are among the longest lasting siding materials.

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