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Safe Home = Happy Home

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

A safe home is a happy home. It is important that you and your family are as safe as possible during every minute you spend in your home. You want to spend your time making happy memories and safety plays a major role in this. There are many ways to increase the safety of your home so that you can reduce the risk of issues like break-ins and other issues that can interfere with the health and safety of your family.

I received this article from my boss the other day and I wanted to share it with everyone. The holiday season is suppose to be a time of peace and being with one another, unfortunately there are some people who want to hinder that and be selfish for themselves. So I would like to have you read this great article from buzzfeed life.

You don’t need to invest in an expensive home alarm system or install an unsightly barbed wire fence to keep out burglars. Sometimes a couple easy steps are all you need to secure your home so it will be a safe home.

Here are 21 tips that will allow you to have a more of a safe home.

1. Install some dummy surveillance cameras.

2. Always remember to remove flyers from your doorstep.

3. Put bumper stickers on your car.

4. Keep your landscaping neat and trimmed.

5. Buy light timers for your indoor and outdoor lights.

6. Pretend like you’re saying good-bye to someone inside when you leave your home.

7. Don’t leave your electronics boxes out on the curb.

8. Don’t leave a ladder just hanging out in your backyard.

9. Make sure that your mirrors don’t reflect your home alarm.

10. Mow your lawn!

11. Don’t leave status updates broadcasting that you’re away.

12. Fake a TV glow.

13. If you go out of town, have a neighbor leave tracks in the snow.

14. Buy some fake alarm system decals if you can’t afford a real one.

15. When loading a car with suitcases, keep it quick and hidden if possible.

16. Reinforce your door jambs if you have weak door frames.

17. Cancel your newspaper subscriptions and ask the post office to hold your mail while you’re out of town.

18. Use a wooden dowel or metal bar for sliding doors and windows so they can’t be pried open.

19. Invest in double glazed or toughened glass windows.

20. Get a motion-sensor home security system that lets you monitor your home with your smartphone.

21. Build a secret hiding place for your valuables.

So please take a look at this article I want you all to have a safe home for the holidays and in general its always a great idea to be proactive. Thanks so much and check back for some helpful articles!

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