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Roof Needed? Signs to tell by

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Here are some tell tale signs that you maybe in the market for a new roof.

1. Curling Shingles- When shingles curl, They are no longer able to keep water from seeping through roof which could cause severe damage

2. Missing Shingles- Shingles can be pulled off by high winds or falling tree limbs and can also be broken by constant freezing and thawing. Missing shingles must be replaced ASAP! Also take special note if your shingles come off without any real provocation they are definitely worn out.

3. Decaying Shingles- All material for roofs decay but not all at once, Decaying shingles are easy too spot, look for anything splitting, cracking, chipping, peeling, curling or blistering and replace as necessary.

4. Blistering- When moisture or gas builds up inside a shingle, it can cause the surface of the shingle too bubble outward in places, Blistering occurs when there is a poorly vented attic, leaf debris or buildup and it can be natural roof ageing. As long as the blisters do not break or exceed in size greater than one-quarter of an inch they should not affect the lifespan of your roof

5. Damaged Flashing- Flashing is a layer of metal sheeting that is usually installed on an angle or joint in your roof, which prevents water from breaching the roof, the most common area for Flashing is around the Chimney or Sewer Vent pipe. Flashing can be damaged just like the shingles from extreme weather conditions.

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