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Preparing for Winter: 5 Tips for Michigan Homeowners

Published January 2nd, 2023 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

The average temperature in Michigan during wintertime drops to around 27 degrees Fahrenheit, and there is significant snowfall as well to contend with. If you are a homeowner who's getting ready for winter and wants to do a better job of it this year than last, then there are some things you need to do.

Preparing for winter takes quite a few steps, so you need to start early. Keep reading to find out what you should do now to get ready for the upcoming colder months.  

1. Get Your Roof Inspected

Depending on how the previous winter went, your roof might have gone through quite a pummeling from all the snowfall, rainfall, and other precipitation. There's no reason to wait until your roof starts leaking or displays other signs of wear and tear to get it inspected. 

2. Clean Your Gutters

Another part of your home that is neglected and/or ignored but shouldn't be is your gutters. Make sure to clean out your gutters of any debris, old leaves, and dirt so that any rain or melting snow can flow freely through it and not negatively affect your roof. 

3. Cut Back Any Tree Branches

Michigan gets strong winds during the wintertime, as well as heavy snowfall, all of which can cause any lurking tree branches to either smash against your windows or fall onto an unsuspecting person underneath. Better to avoid all that by cutting them back right now. 

4. Get Your Chimney and Heating System Inspected

You are not going to be a very happy camper if your heating fails during the wintertime, causing you and your family to move into a hotel or a friend's place while it's being fixed. It's easy enough to avoid that by getting your chimney, furnace, and all heating systems inspected by a reliable company.

This way, you can get repairs done before the colder months arrive. It will be cheaper to do it this way as well, rather than having to pay for expedited emergency repair during the winter when they have lots of desperate customers. 

5. Recaulk Your Windows and Doors

This will prevent water damage and heat loss, and it's so simple to do. A caulk gun and tube exterior caulk are less than $20 at a home improvement store, and you can easily do your entire home in an afternoon. 

Only caulk the outside perimeter of your windows and doors molding. 

Preparing for Winter Requires Forethought

During the summer months, it can feel like winter is far away. But it will arrive sooner than you can imagine, and that's why you need to start preparing for winter as soon as possible. 

If you can't be bothered to take all the steps above yourself, then consider hiring a full-service home improvement company to do these tasks for you. It will ensure that you aren't scrambling around during the colder months because of a leaking roof, a broken furnace, or some other winter home disaster. 

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