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Plastic Bags Overload!

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Wondering what to do with those plastic bags? Here are a few interesting ideas for making the most of plastic bags…

Wondering what to do with those plastic bags? Here are a few interesting ideas for making the most of plastic bags…

Return your bags back to the grocery store for recycling. Most stores have a container to take these bags back and recycle them for you.

Turn the bags into bin liners. Keep plastic bags around the house to replace trash can liners in the bathrooms, office and bedrooms.

Keep them anywhere you have a small trashcan.

Keep some in the laundry room to throw out pocket trash found in clothes and empty the lint filter in the dryer.

Store perishable food in plastic bags. Place food that perishes easily inside plastic bags before refrigerating.

This is especially good to do in the summer––if you have a long wait between trash pick-ups, it will keep flies out of your trash can from food decomposing in the can.

Just be careful that the food isn’t decomposing so much that it is producing heat and forcing your fridge to work harder, thereby defeating the recycling intent.

Keep a stash of bags in each vehicle to help keep the car tidy. Hang one over a seat, arm rest, or simply keep it under a seat.

Empty the bags regularly but only get rid of the bags if they’re really filthy; otherwise, reuse them as many times as possible.

Make use of plastic bags for traveling. Plastic bags are light and not noticeable when shoved into your suitcase or backpack. They’re ideal for the following:

Keeping unwashed laundry separate from clean clothes in your bag.

A makeshift shower cap if you don’t want wet hair from showering. Or dyeing your hair!

Something to collect and wrap souvenirs with.

Use the bags to help animals. Plastic bags allowed to fly off into the environment harm wildlife through ingestion and entanglement. However, using bags with purpose and care can actually help animals in certain ways:

If you have pets, use plastic bags to clean out the litter box or scoop the poop in the yard.

When you take your dog for a walk, tie a couple of bags to the leash handle so you will always have a bag available to scoop the poop.

Line the bottom of your kitty-litter pans, to collect the clean litter from falling through after straining old pieces out.

Donate the bags to animal shelters. They often need plastic bags for cleaning and to use when walking dogs, they’ll appreciate having a few extra around.

Be sure to ask first though––they’ll let you know if the donation is helpful.

For more uses on what do with all those plastic bags check out the following link!

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