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Organizing Shoes, Have Fun

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

SHOES, SHOES, SHOES….What to do with all these shoes? Big shoes, Little shoes. Shoes in the closet, under your bed, on the floor, all day long they are in your head. Want to organize and be neat and keep those shoes away from stubbing your feet? Then look no further we are here to help, with this great article we felt, can ease your mind and your time.

Organizing is never fun no is it easy, You find out quickly the amount of stuff you have accumulated. I believe one of the things we acquire more that normal are shoes, yes shoes: loafers, sneakers, heels, flats, slip-ons, sandals. I have seen closets filled, bins, and seeing those shoes stick out from under the bed and the couch. I’m a guilty party of all those “storage ideas” buts that’s not where they belong. They belong to be put away but nice and neat not in a mass pile that is all strung about will laces and buckles. The reason I am hitting on this topic is oddly enough my boss sent me an article that will share with you because, one day at work I was complaining that my fiance kept leaving his size 15 shoes around and kept stubbing my toes. When you walk into a shoe that is almost 6 inches taller than your own foot so there is mare material and its heavier it hurts…a lot. So I wanted to help those people who suffer from similar circumstances. Maybe yours aren’t large shoes, Maybe they are heels or those fun stilettos, I have stepped on my own heels talk about ouch. So organizing these can be fun and you can get rid of rough nuisance of wayward shoes once and for all.

I am sure your dying for this link. so here it is:

The great thing about this article is that it gives you so many options which I love! I do not have a whole lot of space so different space saving ideas are a welcome. So enjoy as I have and post your pictures of your closets, with your shoes all nice and organized! I’m sure your feet will appreciate it!

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