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How is your Energy Bill?

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

The winter months, the time to turn up the furnace and in the back of your mind you hear the sound of money dropping into the heating company’s cash register. No one likes having a high energy bill but the thing is you don’t have to with the proper insulation and air sealing. You can keep the heat in and the cold out, and it works vice versa in the summer.

Some ideas to help keep the heat in! Save money on your energy bill!

1. Make sure your windows are shut tight and locked, if they are not properly locked, air can seep in and have your furnace constantly shut on and off to try and regulate a temperature.

2. Make sure your entry doors fit properly. If you have a gap on the bottom or top of your door, your losing a lot of heat!

3. Do you have can lights in your ceiling? If your attic is not properly insulated air can leak through those can lights!

4. Outlet plugs! Same goes for your walls! If you put your hand against an plug you could feel air coming out.

5. Attic insulation if you don’t have enough insulation your heating the outside

6.Programmable thermostat! Just set it and never fight over the temperature again!

Don’t fight with your energy bill any longer, you deserve to be warm and happy.

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