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Duct Tape Everyone's Favorite Tool

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Duct tape makes basically everything.

The sticky, multipurpose adhesive has secured objects and helped people out of a jam since its invention during World War II to keep ammunition dry.

Now, the uses for duct tape are endless, from artwork to clothing, even home improvement.

It’s one of those magical DIY materials everyone should have in their house, right next to the WD-40 which check out my blog on WD-40 Hacks!!

Prevent scuff marks on your wooden floors.

Open a jar.

Wrap gifts.

Hold your money.

Temporarily repair a turtle shell.

Turn a leaf blower into a gutter cleaner.

Turn a box fan into an air filter.

Duct tape is such a wonderful invention if your wanting to check out more uses click the link below

click for more info

A big thanks to and the writer of the article Brian Koerber click for more info

Let us know what you use duct tape for. We would love to hear from you on your uses for the best product ever made!

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