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Customized Shower

Published May 14th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Who wouldn’t love a customized shower? Stone and tile showers are amazingly beautiful, but having one custom made can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Did you know that it can actually be pretty simple to create a custom shower look on your own? Here is what you need and it goes to show just how inexpensive and simple it can be to create your own custom pebble stone shower just for $50.00!

Step 1.

Pebble Stone Customized Shower DIY

Gather Up:

Pebble Stones ( purchase 53 2 lb. bags from the Dollar Store)

Tile adhesive



Lots and lots of patience…

Step 2.

Use tile adhesive to carefully glue down each stone to the shower wall. This process requires a lots of patience. Try a 2″ x 36″ section each night!

Once the stones are glued down and dry, apply a layer of grout on top.

Skim off excess grout and apply additional layers as needed.

Finally, apply a stone sealer to help keep out moisture.

Step 3.

If you have inserts to your shower cut tiles to size and used them for the shower inserts.

You would apply these the same way you applied the pebble stones.

Step 4.

You finished! After everything has dried you have a lovely pebble stone customized shower that spruces up your bathroom!

At a cost of only $53 and A LOT of patience, this transformation would be well worth it!

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