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Published April 12th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Spring has Sprung Alma MI Roofing, Siding, Windows and doors? Residents! Now is the time to get those home improvement projects done, How about insulation did this winter knock your socks off with high energy bills? We can help with all these projects! Our goal here at Energy Plus is to look out for you, the customer. We keep things affordable and another great thing with us is that we also can finance! We can get your low monthly payments with no problem!


it’s easy to forget how important the roof is until something goes wrong and suddenly you have water leaking into your house.

There is nothing more frustrating or harder to deal with than a leaky roof.

Even when there’s no evidence of roofing problems, it’s smart to have your roof inspected every year by an experienced roofing contractor.

Another time to schedule a roof inspection is after a severe storm. By taking care of basic roof maintenance and making minor roof repairs as required,

you can avoid roof leaks that damage your home and your possessions.

Vinyl siding looks as good as real wood

Made primarily from PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resins, vinyl siding was first manufactured in the 1950s, but the widespread use of this siding material didn’t begin until the late 1970s.

Just like steel siding, vinyl siding offers the advantages of zero maintenance, immunity to mold and moisture damage and plenty of styles and colors to choose from.

In better-quality vinyl siding, a wood grain surface texture can make the product look surprisingly like real wood.

Better grades of vinyl siding also tend to be thicker, for improved rigidity and greater impact resistance.

Because PVC expands and contracts significantly in response to temperature changes, it can’t be solidly nailed to wall sheathing.

Instead, each course of siding “floats” on slotted nailing fins.

Benefits of Window Replacement & Door Replacement in Alma, MI :

  • Energy savings
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Curb appeal
  • Low maintenance
  • Increased security

Energy Plus has the best insulation for your home and budget

There are many different types of insulation.

Factors like location, moisture conditions, installation requirements and local building codes determine which types of insulation should be used in various parts of your house.

Since Energy Plus is a full-service insulation contractor, we can help you select the insulation that will provide the best value and energy savings for your home.

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