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New Roof Installation in Bay City: Signs That It’s Time for New Roof Installation

Published June 10th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

New Roof Installation in Bay City: Signs That It’s Time for New Roof Installation  Your home is what keeps you and your family protected from the harsh outdoor elements. It’s a haven where memories are made and where you and your loved ones write your life story. But if your roof is old and outdated it can tarnish the overall look, feel, and function of your home.  

When your roof needs to be replaced, it will let you know! Here are some of the common signs that it’s time for new roof installation

1. If you see light peeking through your roof boards then you've got a serious problem! This could mean that your roof is corroding, nails have fallen out of decking, or that moisture is present where it shouldn't be.

2. Curled and/or buckled shingles are a sure sign that your roof needs to be replaced. This is a sign of moisture build-up that can push nails out of your roof's decking.

3. If you're experiencing a leaking chimney then you may need to look into new roof installation for your home. Note that this also may indicate that your chimney needs to flash properly to stay protected from outdoor conditions. 

4. Are you noticing that your energy bills are through the roof? High energy bills can indicate that your roof isn't doing its job in keeping your home properly insulated.

At Energy Plus Home Improvements we provide new roof installation services to Bay City, Lansing, Midland, MI, Mount Pleasant, MI, Riverdale, MI, Saginaw, and the surrounding areas. With an emphasis on quality, craftsmanship, and value, we’re the preferred choice for roofing installations in our area. 

As a full-service home improvement provider, we're here for you every step of the way ensuring that your home can keep up with your busy life. Give us a call at 989-833-1000 for more details on new roof installation for your Central Michigan home! 

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