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Mt. Pleasant MI Roofing

Published April 12th, 2021 by Energy Plus Home Improvements


Doing roofing projects and repairs in Mt. Pleasant, MI can be challenging and downright scary if the proper safety measures aren’t taken. Energy Plus advises that most roofing projects — from heavy-duty, complex installations to smaller projects like fixing leaks — should be handled by a roofing professional. But there are some precautions that homeowners can take if they decide to do the roofing themselves.

-Don’t go it alone. If you must do roofing repairs or projects, do it with a friend. Not only can the extra pair of hands help with, say, moving large quantities of heavy shingles, but having someone to discuss and work through issues with can be helpful as well. Most importantly, if an accident should happen, there will be someone there to help you.

-Check the weather. Avoid doing roofing projects or repairs on excessively windy or rainy days. Under no circumstances should you work on a wet, icy or snow-covered roof: It’s downright dangerous.

-Invest in safety gear. Being on a roof puts the body in positions that are uncomfortable or unsafe. Energy Plus suggests wearing soft, rubber-soled boots to provide the best roof traction. Always wear a helmet to protect your head and minimize injury if you fall. Roofing Networks also suggests wearing safety glasses and gloves.

-Prepare a checklist and make sure you know what you’re doing, and in what order. Before tackling a massive roofing project or repair, organize yourself ahead of time so you have a clear head when you’re up there. There’s nothing worse than feeling frazzled or realizing you’re lacking the tools needed when you’re stuck in a precarious position on a steep roof and a hot day.

-Clean up as you go. Keep the site clear of debris and other objects while you work. Nails, old shingles and stray tools can create a hazard. If you’re not using tools, get your friend to remove them from the work site to prevent a slipping or tripping danger.

If at any point in time you don’t feel confident or comfortable doing your own roofing, please call the roofing professionals at Energy Plus in Mt. Pleasant. MI and we will give you a free estimate.   It’s not worth the risk!

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