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What Types of Roofs Save the Most Energy?

Published May 26th, 2023 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Traditional roofing materials absorb about 90% of incoming sunlight. That can add a lot of heat to your home, hiking up your energy bill. Getting a cool roof can help you save 15% or more on your annual home energy bill.

Yet, you need to choose the right roofing materials to get these benefits. Which types of roofs are best for saving energy in your home? We are talking about them in this guide, so keep reading for our top energy saving tips.

What Is a Cool Roof?

Cool roofs consist of materials that reflect more sunlight than they absorb. They will not only save you money on air conditioning. Cool roofs may qualify for rebates from utility companies and federal and state programs.

One factor to look for in cool roofs is the Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). A roof's SRI number determines how well it refracts light and heat. So, look for roofs with SRIs ranging from 25 to 40.

Additionally, look for a roofing material's Energy Star rating. The Energy Star rating scores materials on how well they meet federal guidelines on efficiency. A good Energy Star rating is 75 or higher.

The Best Types of Roofs to Improve Home Energy Use

Wood roofs are technically the most energy-efficient option. However, these roofs come with demanding maintenance requirements. They are also highly flammable and not recommended for Michigan's snowy climate.

Metal and certain types of asphalt shingles are the next-best options. That's why Energy Plus Home Improvements offers steel and asphalt roof installation services.

Metal Roofing

Metal is the gold standard in energy-efficient roofing materials. This option can save homeowners up to 25% on annual energy costs.

It comes in a variety of colors and metal types. To maximize your energy savings, choose a lighter-colored vented metal roof.

Steel is a highly reflective metal that naturally comes in lighter colors. It reflects around 60% of visible light. Painting a steel roof white can increase its reflectivity even further.

Asphalt Roofing

You may not think dark, non-reflective asphalt is the worse choice for an energy-efficient roof. And if you're thinking of the asphalt of yesterday, you'd be right. Traditional asphalt is one of the biggest culprits of a hot roof.

Today, asphalt manufacturers have updated their products for better energy savings. Manufacturers make asphalt shingles with reflective materials to reduce heat absorption.

Another option is to choose light-colored asphalt shingles. Light colors reflect 30%–60% more light than black asphalt shingles.

If you recently replaced your asphalt roof, you may not want to invest in one of these options. The good news is that some asphalt roofs can be retrofitted with white coatings to better reflect the heat.

Want a More Energy-Efficient Roof in Riverdale, MI?

The best types of roofs for saving money on home cooling costs are made of steel and asphalt. These materials reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, reducing heat inside your home.

Do you need an energy-saving roof in the Grand Rapids area? Energy Plus Home Improvements specializes in green construction services. Contact us for a free estimate and start saving today!

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