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How Solar Outdoor Lights Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Bills

Published March 1st, 2023 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

The cost of solar energy has been decreasing over recent years, and over 3% of U.S. energy originates from it. The cost of panels has also gone down by nearly 70%. It's great for the environment and can help cut home utility bills. 

One way you can implement solar energy is with solar lights. These allow you to light up your home without using excess electricity at night. 

Here's how solar lights reduce your energy bills and what kinds are available for purchase.

How Solar Lights Reduce Your Energy Bills

Solar lights are a specific type of outdoor lighting that charges during the day when they're not in use. They're either connected to your solar array or have their own individual solar panels that collect energy. At night, they turn on to provide extra security, as well as illuminate your landscaping and walkways. 

They're a great option for lowering your home energy bills because they don't run off your standard electricity. They come with a built-in automatic sensor that ensures you won't waste power when no one is around. 

In addition, you can set up your outdoor solar lights so that they only light up areas that you actually walk through.

Types of Solar Lights

Your outdoor lights come in a variety of different options, all with varying uses and output. You can also expect the more powerful lights to use more energy and potentially have less battery life overall. 

Solar flood lights are some of your brightest options. These are great for illuminating long pathways or large swaths of your yard. 

Spotlights are good for accenting specific pieces of landscaping. String lights are more decorative but use less solar energy. 

Solar post lights let you add lighting to walkways without illuminating your entire yard. 

Benefits of Solar Panels and Lights

Both solar panels and lights bring many benefits aside from just energy savings. 

To begin with, solar lights are easy to install because they don't require you to run wiring from your house. They use an internal battery that charges when exposed to sunlight. All they need is for you to place them in a sunny location and they'll start working automatically. 

In addition, they're relatively inexpensive. You won't have to buy extra wiring or hire someone to install them for you. They also don't require much maintenance.

Finally, solar energy is good for the environment. They don't require electricity generated by burning fossil fuels. As such, using them reduces your carbon footprint and helps lessen your impact on the environment. 

Illuminate Your Home

If you want to reduce your energy bills, solar lights may be the answer. They're easy to set up, charge up throughout the day when they're not in use, and can reduce how much electricity you use throughout the year. They also come in a variety of options for any lighting purpose. 

Energy Plus can help you with any of your roofing and window needs, remodeling, and more. Contact us to learn how we can help improve your home. 

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