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5 Signs That You Should Invest in Gutter Guards

Published March 16th, 2023 by Energy Plus Home Improvements

Lansing, Michigan, experiences 33.3 inches of rain and snow yearly. But, of course, this area experiences even more during some years. 

As a result, your home needs gutters. Without them, the rain might land in the wrong areas. 

However, gutters only work well when they're clean. If you're tired of cleaning your gutters, you could opt for gutter guards.

Here are five signs your home needs gutter guards.

1. Your Gutters Leak

Where does the water land when it rains at your house? First, rain should land in your gutters. Then, your gutters should carry the water away from your home.

Unfortunately, faulty gutters have leaks. These leaks cause the water to land on your sidewalks and other areas where it doesn't belong. 

If your gutters do this, you'll benefit from gutter guards. Gutter guards protect your gutters and help them do their job. 

Of course, you should examine your gutter once or twice a year. You can do this yourself to see their condition.

However, a better option is to get an annual roof inspection, as they can also check your gutters while looking at your roof.

2. You're Tired of Cleaning Them

Gutter guards block debris. As a result, you won't have to clean your gutters if you install gutter guards.

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose them is to avoid cleaning their gutters. Cleaning gutters gets tiring, plus it's dangerous. As a result, most people pay someone to do the job for them.

3. You've Had Water Damage

There are several kinds of gutter guards, but they all promote proper water drainage. You might consider getting them if you've ever had water damage in your home.

Water damage can happen to anyone, but there are ways to prevent it. One way is by maintaining your gutters. Fortunately, gutter maintenance is much easier when you have gutter guards. 

4. They're Rusting

Homeowners also turn to gutter companies when they notice rust developing on their gutters. Rust tends to develop when a gutter system has issues.

For example, if the gutters hold water instead of letting it flow away from a house, they'll develop rust faster. You'll need gutter repairs if this happens, or you could get gutter guards. 

5. You Can't Clean Them Yourself

Finally, when homeowners tire of handling their gutter repairs and maintenance, they turn to gutter guards. 

For example, suppose you always cleaned your gutters yourself. If you can't do this anymore, you'll need a new option. 

The best solution is gutter guards. If you can block debris from getting in your gutters, they won't clog or rust. Instead, they'll operate properly.

Get Gutter Guards 

Gutter guards stop debris from getting inside your gutters. Instead, only water enters the gutters. As a result, gutter guards protect your gutters, helping them last longer. 

Additionally, they eliminate the need to clean your gutters. So your home will be safer, and you'll have less work to do.

Contact us at Energy Plus Home Improvements. We offer gutters services in the Lansing, MI, area. 

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